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Below are some comments received by Victoria's Quilts Canada. Where requested, the names of the submitters have been edited to protect their privacy.

Note: All comments are in the language received and are not translated. To view the French comments, please visit the French page.



"My family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful quilt. My dad was thrilled to receive this special gift. He loves it and said it is absolutely beautiful. Such an amazing organization and blessing."
– Kim Booi, AB

"Thank you so very much for the beautiful quilt I received from the Ottawa Branch. Such a surprise when I got a phone call asking if I would be home that evening to accept a delivery from Victoria's Quilts Canada. I was flabbergasted and answered yes. It was delivered to my house in a lovely bag along with a card explaining who had made the request (my daughter) and how this organization worked. I love my quilt; it keeps me warm both physically and mentally. You should all pat yourselves on the back for lifting the spirits of cancer patients. Thank you and Hoorah!!! for VQC."
– Diane Sadler, Ottawa ON

"Hello, I sent an email request for a quilt late on Friday evening for my husband. On Sunday I received a call asking if we were available to take delivery of a quilt the next morning. True to his word, Fred showed up on time with a beautiful quilt made by Donna. Can't believe how fast this all happened and how beautiful the quilt is. Thank you so much !!!"
– Margaret Louwe-MacKellar, London ON

"What an amazing organization full of love and compassion."
– Anonymous

"I thank you so much for the nice quilt I received yesterday afternoon. I was so surprised that I almost cried. Be sure that I will sleep with this nice quilt every night. Congratulations for the amazing work you and all the volunteers are doing. You are bringing happiness and making a difference in the life of so many people with cancer. Once again, thank you very much. I would also like to thank my friend Francine who took the time to contact you."
– Diane Galipeau, Sherbrooke QC


"Thank you so much for this wonderful program. My friend and I ordered a quilt each for two different friends that are in the middle of a long battle with cancer. One is terminal. They are so overwhelmed by the kindness of others that do not know them and they are speechless. They both still have tears in their eyes and say. 'When I wrap the quilt around me I feel the love and support of so many who gave their time to make me feel loved.' Thank you so much."
– Elaine Downton, Cambridge ON

"Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift. It is giving me great comfort during a difficult time. When I am recovered, I will make sure to keep passing it on to help others in need of a warm hug like your quilts provide. Thank you everyone for all your hard work and dedication."
– Carole Zwicker, Orleans ON

"I am so honoured to request a quilt for my son. I think this program is wonderful. To think that during a time in your life where you need all the love and support you receive a quilt made just for you with love and care from total strangers... Thank you so much."
– Lynn Bujold, Campbellton NB

"I did not know about this wonderful organization until I came across its website by accident. My wife put in a request for me to get one and within several days it was delivered. I was so happy to receive my quilt and the lady that brought it was the sweetest ever. I will cherish this forever, and it will definitely be coming with me to the hospital for the next leg of my journey."
– Gary Crummey, Oromocto NB

"I received a beautiful quilt in the mail today. Thank you for this lovely gift of warmth and caring. I am grateful for the compassion and generosity of the many hands that patiently crafted it. It is most treasured!"
– Punitha Kandasamy, Mississauga ON

"I'd like to offer my heartfelt thanks to Victoria's Quilts Canada for the beautiful, warm and cozy quilt which was requested for me by Jana from Victoria. When she learned I was undergoing cancer treatment she requested a quilt for me and it arrived a few days later. This quilt is the result of volunteers giving their time and skills to make life brighter and easier for people they have never met. The quilt not only helps keep me warm and comfortable while I rest, it also reminds me that when we undergo cancer treatment (and its side effects) we are not alone. Many friends, colleagues, and even people we have not yet met, are supporting us, keeping us in their minds and prayers. Thank You again."
– Henry Ilg, Richmond BC


"Thank you to all the volunteers who work on this project, providing comfort and support to cancer patients! And also letting caregivers know they are not alone in caring for their loved ones! The quilts are like great big hugs that last for a long time!"
– Margaret MacAskill, Grenville QC

"What a beautiful gift of love and kindness we received today. My mom’s hospital roommate requested a quilt for my mom and it arrived today. Thank you to her roomate and to the Moncton Branch for the beautiful, colourful quilt that is putting a ray of brightness in our lives. With much gratitude.
– Heather Austin, Sussex NB

" Thank you all so much for the beautiful quilt that you sent to my Auntie. She loved it. She suffered from cancer in the spine and later the cancer metastasized into her skull. She succumbed to the cancers and passed away in January. She fought valiantly; the fight was a long and very tough battle. She kept a strong mind until the end. She was a very kind, compassionate, and caring woman and is already dearly missed. I wanted to thank you for her. She took her lap-quilt with her to Vancouver last summer when she had spinal surgery to remove some of tumors that crushed her spine. A very sincere thank you for everything that you all do. You send comfort to the suffering. It is evident in the beauty that you create for the sufferers that you all really do care."
– Carol Roberts, Prince Rupert BC

"What an amazing experience. Thank you all for your lovely quilt for my mother. She unfortunately passed away before she got to enjoy it. I have passed the beautiful quilt along to a family friend who is going through treatment as well. She loves it! Thank you for all you do to volunteer your time and provide a cozy quilt for our fighters."
– Anonymous

"I'm so thankful to your wonderful organization! I ordered a quilt for my friend who is facing cancer for the second time. I was literally ordering it while I sat with her during her chemo treatment yesterday. It was delivered to her this morning! She just loves it and I'm amazed at how quickly it came! Thanks for all you do!"
– Donna Murray, London ON

"I received my quilt and a complementary bag (ideal for shopping or for treatment). I love it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It will be very useful to keep me warm and snug during my “off” days. You are angels."
– Kathleen L'Abbee, St Bruno QC

"Thank you so very much for the gorgeous quilt I received while going through cancer treatment. I do understand the amount of work that goes into making such a comfort... and it gave me loads of the latter, as I settled in for each chemo session. When completed, I passed it on to another dear friend whom was afflicted with the same diagnosis to provide comfort and support, which it did. Thank you again so much for your handiwork, generosity and commitment."
– Krisan Palmer, Saint John NB

"Thank you so much for the encouragement, love, and support you are giving to our loved ones!!! We truly appreciate your cheerful commitment and hope that is stitched into each lovely work of art. May God richly bless you!"
– Winnie Crouch, Codys NB

Updated: March 24, 2019