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Below are some comments received by Victoria's Quilts Canada. Where requested, the names of the submitters have been edited to protect their privacy.

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"My husband received one of the quilts from you all. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you very much."
– Lon Petruic, Fort Qu'Appelle SK

"Thank you soooo very much for sending the quilt I requested for my sister who has stage 3 lung cancer. I am happy to say that she got it this week and LOVES it. I know how she feels because my husband went threw colon cancer stage 3 and got one from his parents. These quilts you do for others is such a wonderful thing. Keep up this wonderful thing you do for others. God bless each one of you Ladies."
– Sonia Bubar, Marathon ON

"I have over the last few years requested a quilt for a friend going through their chemo/cancer journey. All have been received with surprise and happiness. I had one sent to our friend in January and he was just thrilled about it. I thought I would just let you know he used it every single day and in these last few weeks of his life he would just be sitting in his chair with his quilt all wrapped around him. He passed away a few days ago, but both my husband and myself just thought it would be nice to let you know how much he really, really enjoyed this special gift from one of your wonderful volunteers. Your organization is just wonderful and so very much appreciated by those of us who request one to be sent to the person receiving it. I still use mine from 2008; such a special gift to receive. Thank you, thank you, and thank you to all the volunteers who give of their time and money to do this great charity work."
– Carol Glanvill, Blind Bay BC


"I just received an email from me niece, and she is so very delighted to have received the quilt I ordered for her. She loves it, and plans to take it to the hospital with her... and the colors are beautiful, she said. THANK YOU so very much for your kindness, and thoughtfulness. What a wonderful way to love someone. Just wanted to let you know and to thank you very much.Your ministry makes a difference, in such a good way."
– Cheryl Dempsey, St. Stephen NB

"Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt that was sent to my brother! He absolutely loves it, and the colours are so nice and bright! Thank you to all the volunteers who work together to create and deliver these wonderful quilts that bring so much comfort and support to so many people. Many blessings to each of you!"
– Lettie Hogeveen, Ottawa ON


"When I was receiving chemo the year of 2016, it was such a thrill to open my door to a nice lady who I didn't know at all and be given a handmade quilt in perfect colours for my sofa, where I recuperated those many months. It remains here nearby as a reminder of God's love shown to me by strangers. Thank you for your caring ministry. I now have requested a quilt for my dear friend whose cancer has returned. I am positively sure she will cry on receiving one of your beautiful quilts. God bless you."
– Dalila Reimer, Victoria BC

"In 2016, I received a lovely, warm quilt from Victoria's Quilts Canada. Although I knew it had been requested for me, it was an uplifting surprise when it arrived. This was so special because it was a close friend who had made the request. Now, another close friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer that has already metastasized. She is undergoing considerable treatment, and I just know that she will feel better snuggled under her new quilt, like I did. Thank you so much for the great work that you do. It warms the heart."
– Anonymous

"Would just like to say how much I love my quilt that I received several months ago during my battle with cancer. Me and my young kids have shared many snuggles with the quilt during these difficult months... it’s been so nice to have that comfort. I’ve now put in a request for my dad to receive a quilt, while he goes through his own battle. Thank you to all the wonderful people that make this possible. It really makes a difference!"
– Anonymous

"Today my wife was presented with a Victoria's quilt from our chemo nurse during her treatment. The clinic rooms are always cold (except for the warm loving care from all the nurses) for her. The warmth of love and comfort she felt with this quilt was so comforting and moving for both of us. I don't know from whom or how this came to be today, but I know there must be earth angels involved and we could not be more thankful. To all the quilting volunteers who have made this journey a little more bearable, we send our heartfelt thanks."
– Dan Waterhouse, Toronto ON

"Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt that was delivered to my husband, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. It really was a reminder of the kindness of strangers and brought some brightness to our lives at a time we needed it most. Special thanks to June with the Moosomin Branch. I am reminded of your kindness and the generosity of your work every day."
– Marilyn Quigley, Saskatoon SK

"I requested a quilt a week ago and someone called me a few days ago to arrange for a quilt to be dropped off for my friend who is undergoing treatment for cancer. The quilt is so beautiful and I know this family will truly appreciate all the love and hard work put into making it. Thank you from all of us!"
– Nadine Senack, Pembroke, ON

"A friend sent in my name to receive a Victoria's quilt. I was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer. It was a beautiful gift to receive when facing some devastating health news. I was contacted within a few days of the request being sent in. I was given a choice between three beautiful quilts. Thank you so much to all the people who participate in this worthwhile cause. I have now sent in a request for a quilt for a friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer. It was a wonderful thing to be able to pass it forward for someone else who needs something good in their future."
– Anonymous


"Just wanted to let you all know that we gave our best friend, Ingrid Connors, her beautiful quilt last week. She loved the bright colors and the pattern. It gave her great warmth and comfort, as she is still currently in the hospital and had surgery over the weekend. She was especially thankful to all of your volunteers when I told her where I received the quilt from. We couldn't have given her a better gift. Thank you again."
– Libby Williams, Judy Banton and Louise Hickey, NL

"I recently was very humbled and honoured as I received a beautiful quilt from some very caring people, and all I had to do was to survive a 10-hour life-saving operation - the team of surgeons and nurses did the rest. Cancer had aggressively overtaken the right side of my mouth and the majority had to be removed. I have had my share of difficulties adjusting to the aftermath of the surgery and then 30 sessions of radiation (more painful than the cancer growths had been), but I have survived. As I previously mentioned, to be honoured in this manner has been very humbling. Knowing that people I have never met poured so much of their time, pride, talent and, above all, love into creating this masterpiece of art that I will always cherish fills me with purpose. I thank God for such people extending their hand of love, filling our home with beauty, and lifting spirits. Blessings on you all."
– Ed Nordvall, Calgary, AB

"The quilt I received is beautiful. It lifted my spirits and made me feel so good. I just wanted to thank you so very much for your kindness. It is very warm, just what I need right now. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart."
– Anonymous

"I requested a quilt for my sister and she got it this week. WOW, WOW!! What a beautiful quilt; so much work in this magnificent piece of art. Thanks to all the volunteers for their precious time. We put lots of happiness in my sister's heart. I myself was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and I received a quilt from a friend. I treasure it deeply! Thanks again!!"
– Linda Sirois, St-Joseph-de-Madawaska, NB

"Our Sista received her quilt! Thank you so much! It is beautiful! Better than any flower arrangement ever made!"
– Jan Hoddinott, Toronto, ON

"I want to express my deepest thanks for the beautiful quilt I received from Victoria’s Quilts Canada. My diagnosis was sudden, totally unexpected, and my surgery for cancer was booked for March 15. I was just reeling from everything, from the cancer to a total hysterectomy, all at once. My friend had heard of your group through a retired nurse and she requested my quilt, which was delivered almost immediately. It was made by a lady I know! I honestly didn’t know if I would use it, but as soon as I came home from the hospital, I started cuddling under it, and it was so wonderful being comforted like that! The scripture patch was a true blessing. My mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all hand quilters and, as a little girl, I grew up having to play under the quilting frames set up in both my parent’s and my grandmother’s living rooms. I truly know the care and the love it takes to make a quilt. I’ve received a clean bill from the cancer clinic, and my wonderful doctors got everything in time. I am not requiring any further treatment. Fingers crossed. Thank you again with deepest appreciation for your wonderful program and the loving hands that make the quilts."
– Anonymous

"Just received my beautiful quilt today. Thanks to all the volunteers that help brighten a person's day and warms their heart everyday. So very grateful toward you all."
– William Singleton, Tracadie, NB

"I received a beautiful quilt yesterday and absolutely love it. The volunteer that delivered it was incredible too. Such a lovely lady. Thank you so much to this amazing organization."
– Christine Holman, London ON

"I’ve just received my beautiful quilt, requested by my beautiful friend, Maryann. I was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer that ultimately took my breast just two short weeks ago. I wanted to thank you for this beautiful quilt. It means the world to me, as I’m sure this is what I’ll reach for when my chemo and radiation start. God bless you for doing this for families who are just trying to hold it together. A little bit of sunshine on our cloudy days."
– Corina Steele, Grand Prairie AB

"I wanted to let you know that my cousin Helen lost her battle on Wed Apr 4. Helen and her family were so thrilled to get the beautiful quilt. She received it in a week and for that I thank you."
– Brenda McLean, Pefferlaw ON

"I would like to thank you so much for the quilt you sent my mother in Penticton, BC. She passed away in January this year and only had a short time to enjoy your beautiful gift. I have passed on the quilt to a residential care facility in Chilliwack to be used as a dignity blanket. With great appreciation to everyone who participates in this project and to your thoughtfulness and dedication."
– Anonymous


"I requested a quilt for a friend of my daughter. She is a lovely, active, young woman with two small children. When she received her quilt she was really quite delighted and emailed me immediately to thank me. I told her about Victoria's Quilts Canada and she was so impressed that so many women would do something so wonderful for others. You really gave her a lift, with both the lovely quilt and your dedication to helping so many cancer patients. Many thanks for all you do!"
– Dawn Gillespie, Uxbridge ON

"Made my mom smile. Thank you so much. Made a donation and ordered a quilt for another person. Hope they have a big smile like my mom did. Thank you everyone, the person who ordered the quilt for my mom, and Victoria's Quilts Canada. You ROCK!!!"
– Anonymous

"I would like to say thank you from our family. My father got a blanket today. He has stomach and liver cancer. He was diagnosed only three months ago, in January. It been a really hard three months for our family, especially my father. He does chemo every three weeks for three days in that week. It’s been so hard to see his body change from someone healthy to very sick. I know this quilt will comfort him with his chemo."
– Cari Hemphill, Drayton Valley AB

"Thank you so much for the beautiful you sent to my friend Mary Jane. It arrived so quickly. Her daughter sent me a picture of her in bed with the quilt around her. It is a perfect match for her. Thank you, again and again."
– Mary Gauthier, Bathurst NB

"My friend Estelle received her beautiful quilt last week. She was also very enamoured of the lovely lady who delivered it to her. Estelle does not have a computer so she asked me to convey her sincere thank you to all of those who made her quilt for her. What a wonderful, caring group of volunteers you have."
– Lorraine Baker, Orleans ON

"What a wonderful volunteer service! Just finding out that my mother has to undergo chemo starting next week, I found this to be a comforting offer. To think that people spend their time to create such art for the comfort of others lightened my heart."
– Anonymous

"Hello to all artists and especially to Thérèse. I recently received a beautiful quilt to accompany me during my chemotherapy treatments and my convalescence at home. It is a collective work, spread over many hours, made with your passion. It makes me feel good and I thank you so much for this unimaginable gift you gave me."
– Josée Trépanier

"My Dad received his beautiful quilt this week. He was so happy to get it. It was a nice surprise that brightened his day. He's called me twice to tell me about it and describe it to me. He loves the bag that it came with as well. He said it will make it easier to take it with him on hospital stays and other times too. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful volunteers who donate their time, to all of you that donate fabric and other materials needed for these amazing cloth "hugs". I know that when he uses it he will feel the love and friendship from all who took part in making it happen. To receive a cancer diagnosis is devastating to say the least. The emotions and hard events that come after are difficult for the strongest people to face. Having a Victoria's quilt arrive on one’s doorstep to let them know that they are not alone in their fight for their life, that they are loved, it's simply amazing, heartwarming and a beautiful gesture. Thank you thank you thank you for giving to people who fight this terrible disease. Thank you for giving to those in need of a "cheer me up moment”."
– Colleen Olmats, Calgary AB

"My daughter loved the gift of a quilt she received. She puts on her bed while she is having treatment. Thank you to the volunteers who put so much time into making something so pretty to brighten her hospital bed."
– Paula McBride, Coquitlam BC

"Hello quilting angels! I received one of your beautiful quilts today, requested from my matante, Pat, in Manitoba. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in May 2017, and I’m almost done my treatment! This quilt will help keep me warm after treatments, and keep me warm long after... Thank you to all the ladies who do this, spirits are lifted because of you!"
– Danette Field, Edmonton AB


"I thank my friends who sent one of your beautiful quilts to my husband back in 2017 or 2016. He used it all the time. Now he has passed away and I decided to give the quilt to one of our grandsons who deals with a lot of depression. I told him to wrap himself in grandpa's blanket when he is feeling down and think of how much Grandpa loved him. Our grandson graciously accepted the quilt and was very excited to receive it. I thought your group would appreciate hearing about this. Again thank you to all who participate in this program."
– Anonymous

"I received your beautiful quilt yesterday and I'm speechless... it's so wonderful to know that somewhere, in Ottawa, your volunteers are working very hard to make these quilts for someone they don't even know. To also receive your prayers is an added bonus. I also LOVE the beautiful bag. I will surely use when I go for my chemo treatments. I will cherish this forever!"
– Francine Parent, Gatineau QC

"Thank you so much! Sending Love and Light to each of the volunteers!"
– Aimee Spencer, Kenora ON

"Just wanted to write and say thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful quilt that was sent to my aunt. I never told her I had it sent, so she was completely surprised when it arrived. She loves it, and I’m so thankful to you all. It’s wonderful to see her have some joy with everything else she is going through. Thank you all so much for doing what you do!"
– Natasha Morrison, Esterhazy SK

"Dear angels of Victoria's Quilts Canada Sudbury Branch: I just received the most beautiful quilt. I was so touched by your gesture... you are sending so much love and hope in this "interruption in our lives". I can't imagine how much time, work and patience it takes to accomplish such a piece of art. Thank you to all the volunteers (angels) who give their time and love with the goodness of their hearts. My quilt is absolutely beautiful and will be forever cherished."
– Claire Guerette, Azilda ON

"When my mother was diagnosed with cancer in in 2009 a friend of hers got her a quilt. I remember the feeling it gave my mom when she received the quilt. It was something beautiful in the mess of something so tragic. I wish I could say that was the last quilt I had to see. But I now pay it forward because I hope that it gives some comfort to others like it did for my mom. And though my mom is gone, I will still have that memory. Today, I am requesting a fourth quilt for someone's loved one who is very close to me. Thank you for all that you do, so that I can make something so awful be a little better."
– Mackenzie Yarrow, Trenton ON

"I was stuggling to come up with an idea of something I could do for my friend battling cancer, something to let him know that I cared and was thinking of him. That's when I learned of your organization. I filled out the on-line request form and asked if the quilt could be sent as soon as possible, as he had just gotten home from the hospital. To my amazement and delight, the quilt was received by him six days later! "A unique and thoughtful gift. It is beyond amazing and I will cherish it for life." This is a message my friend sent to me after receiving his quilt. It warmed my heart and did exactly what I hoped it would do... let him know I care. Thank you to all of you at Victoria's Quilts Canada for this amazing gift you have given my friend."
– Patty Soles, ON

"Thank you to the volunteer who made a beautiful blue quilt for me. It was a morale-booster for me, and I truly appreciated receiving it. Thank you to all the quilters who participate in this worthy cause."
– Callum McPhee, NB


"I wish to thank all the ladies that donate their time and efforts to making a Victoria's quilt. I really appreciated my quilt ,as I went through ovarian cancer. As I attended chemo every week, it kept me so warm. It really is a special way to support both practically and emotionally."
– Colleen Stevenson, Black Diamond AB

"The New Brunswick Branch of Victoria's Quilts Canada owns one long-arm quilting machine and it needed a new circuit board. We were originally told the cost of the repair would be about $2000 and that it was not covered under warranty. Global did a story on our need for help last night [January 22] on the 6 o'clock news. We were inundated with offers of donations this morning. We even had an RBC branch offer to cover the entire $2000 repair. Even better the guy from Singer called to say he thinks we can get it covered under warranty now. We must be making a difference in some lives, or so many people wouldn't have come forward to help. It is nice to know that when we reach out there are lots of folks willing to come to our aid."
– Jane Sunderland, Moncton NB
(Response to Global News article, January 23, 2018: NB quilting group that combats cancer may shut down)

"I just received my quilt from the Ottawa branch. It is so beautiful and I cannot believe that someone would do this for a complete stranger!!! It has been a difficult year going through surgery and chemo and radiation, but with the support of good friends, relatives and complete strangers I did it! Thank you to the volunteers and thank you to my amazing friends, the Callahan Cross family, for referring me to your program. After reading the poem and verse I cried. Thanks again for making the lives of people with cancer so much brighter!!"
– Paula Leblanc, Dartmouth NS

"Thank you for the lovely quilt for my mother. After her death, we donated the beautiful quilt to palliative care at the local hospital. Again thank you!"
– Jane McDonald, Saint John NB

"I received a quilt as a Christmas gift in December 2017. I have been sewing since l was about 6 years old and over the past 75+ years, have taken many sewing courses. The quality of materials used and the stitching of my quilt is excellent! You can see that the makers of these quilts put love in every stitch."
– Kathy Alcock, Kenora ON

"The quilt she received was warmly welcomed and used often while she was alive. Now it hangs in the hallway by her sons' bedroom reminding them each night, as they go to bed, of the warm and kind woman she was. Symbols of her around mean so very much. Thank you for the ongoing legacy of memories and meaning your quilt will have in the years to come."
– Carolyn Klassen, Winnipeg MN

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