Quilt specifications

A Victoria’s Quilt Fabric top being quilted using a long-arm sewing machine

… is made with:

  • with 100% washable cotton for the quilt top, a thin layer of cotton batting, and 100% cotton flannelette backing
  • batting that is either 100% cotton OR a blend of 80% natural fibre (cotton, silk, bamboo) with no more than 20% synthetic (polyester)
  • good quality cotton or polyester thread
  • a Victoria’s Quilts Canada label sewn to the backing

… is made in three different sizes:

  • adult: approximately 50” x 70”
  • youth: approximately 40” x 60”
  • child: approximately 30” x 50”

… can be:

  • any colour, pattern, or solid that is suitable for making
    quilts for adults (note: although we also make quilts for children and youth, our greatest need is for fabric to make adult quilts)
  • hand or machine quilted
  • tied with yarn, ribbon, or embroidery floss ribbon

… must be:

  • free of buttons, charms, or detachable embellishments
    (this is particularly important as it may be used near medical equipment)
  • durable, as it will be washed many times.
Updated: December 10, 2019