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Below are some comments received by Victoria's Quilts Canada. Where requested, the names of the submitters have been edited to protect their privacy.

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Michelle Day"I wanted to let you know how much I love my quilt and about the number of people in the London Cancer Centre who comment on it, telling me how lovely it is. It fits the chair perfectly. It is so warm and the beautiful colours make me happy. I pass the word along about Victoria's Quilts Canada and all the great work your organization does."
– Michelle Day, London ON

"Thank you to all of the quilting angels that made the beautiful quilt for my mom! Your time and efforts made someone's day much brighter."
– Dawn Field, ON

"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful quilt that I received today. Looking forward to spending lots of time with it while going through this tough time. Thanks to everyone involved!"
– Bruce Wilkins, Tsawwassen BC


"I submitted my friend's name just a few days ago for one of your quilts. A friend of mine who has cancer told me about what you do after she received one herself. My friend called me tonight to tell me she received her quilt, and it brought her to tears. She said it is absolutely beautiful. I was so shocked at how quickly it came and so happy about how much she loved it. Thank you all for what you do and this goes to show there are still so many wonderful people in a world that is sometimes not so wonderful. You brought a smile and warmed the heart of someone who has seen so much misery the last few months and for that I am so thankful. Bless you all."
– Kim Cleghorn, St Stephen NB

"There are no words to express how grateful our family is to Victoria Quilts Canada! Mabel Routhier was moved to tears to receive her quilt today. She has leukemia and liver cancer and is beginning to lose all her energy. She admired the quilt and loved the cheery colours. She had not smiled in a long time, but this quilt allowed us to see a glimmer of light and joy in her face. Thank you to the artists who created this unique quilt! Your work is valued and so appreciated! Mabel was excited to bring it home. Although we made a donation to your organization, no amount of money will ever be enough for the joy you give to people suffering with cancer."
– Suzanne and Normand Routhier

"Thank you for the quilt for my friend, Louise.She was very pleased to receive it."
– Mary Gauthier, Bathurst NB

"Thank you for my beautiful quilt. I am most touched and it brought comfort to me instantly, by its beauty and the thought of women generously imparting their love and care. The quilt is perfect, composed of my favourite colours. This quilt and I will become fast friends."
– Valerie Yates, Renfrew ON

"As the daughter of one of your Calgary Branch members who recently passed away, I would love to thank you all for your dedication and volunteer hours. My mother, Nancy, was so proud of her involvement with such a beautiful organization. Not only did she help create these beautiful pieces of art, she was also on the receiving end. Thank you once again."
– Tracy Beaver, Blackfalds AB

"Many, many thanks to your organization and the volunteers who participate in making the beautiful quilts. Today I received one. It is a wonderful feeling to know others care so much and share their time and talents. I am humbled."
– Betty Schmidt, Regina SK

"This is a wonderful thing you are doing. I know from working in the medical field for 30 years that it's the small things that are so very much appreciated by those who are ill and their families. I requested a quilt for my father who has been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I also requested this quilt for my son-in-law who at the same time has recently been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and will be undergoing chemo for a long time. I thought this quilt would show them how people care... Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and prayers and for sending Dad a beautiful quilt. I am sure that he will appreciate this so very much."
– Brenda Howard, Maccan NS

"I received this weekend a gift of a Victoria's quilt from children of close friends of ours. I was so emotional when I opened it. It is so beautiful in its handwork and in the message of caring that it conveys. I was really touched and I felt as though I was surrounded by a crowd of people who love me and care for what I am going through at the moment. My cancer is less severe than some of my other friends who have experienced breast cancer and I thank God every day for the health I am now enjoying. There is more to my journey but it appears that positive things will happen down the road. I will be making a donation to this program and I will be requesting a quilt for one of my closest friends who has been on her cancer recovery now for almost a year and has had to deal with much more than I have. Keep up the great work."
– Lorraine Tate, Cross Roads Country Harbour NS

"Last year I requested a quilt for one of my dear friends who battled cancer but unfortunately lost just before Christmas. He enjoyed it very much and has used it everyday until the last minute. I guess this year it's my turn. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. My friend, his wife, returned the favor by requesting one for me. I received it yesterday and it is so beautiful. The timing couldn't have been more impeccable. It was waiting for me at home upon my return from my first meeting with the oncologist. I didn't realize what kind of impact it has on the person receiving it. I can't describe the feeling. Overwhelmed by the love from my friend who thought about that, and particularly by the love of those who take the time to make such a beautiful work of art. My prognosis is not as dire as my friend's, so I expect to have good use of it for a long time. Thanks again."
– Lise Bélanger, Laval QC

"Thank you for the beautiful quilt my husband received today. Thank you to all the volunteers who give so freely of their time to help bring comfort to people who are fighting cancer."
– Trudy Anthony, Robert's Arm NL


"Words are not enough, but they are all that I have. Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt (and matching tote!). I am deeply moved that the wonderful members of the Ottawa Branch are dedicating their time to the creation of such beautiful quilts. I will treasure it always. Much love."
– Tina Scuccimarri, Midhurst ON

"My friend received her quilt and it's even in the colours I requested. Sue is very pleased and I am so impressed by your organization. I, along with friends, will be sending a donation. I hope you find your way to continue this gift giving forever. It's such a moral booster."
– Gayle Knight, Oshawa ON

"Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt delivered to me this week. Your volunteers are caring and thoughtful and I appreciate them very."
– Alayne Duke, Sturgeon Falls, ON

"Thank you so much for the quilt we received for our neighbor who is battling Stage 4 cancer. She absolutely loved it and it meant the world to her. From now on I will be donating my money to this organization instead of others. Thank you!"
– Anonymous

"What a wonderful surprise! My wife Margaret requested a quilt for me. It arrived from the Ottawa Valley Branch in Renfrew. Her brother also received a quilt this week from the great bunch of gals from Golden Lake. The quilts will get a lot of use on these cold winter days. They are greatly appreciated. Thanks to all of your volunteers."
– Ken Roberge, Renfrew ON

"Comment: Earlier this month our 21-year-old son in Calgary got a call that he was to receive a quilt requested by my dear teacher friends. He was at home the afternoon the quilt arrived on a pass from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. The volunteer arrived with two quilts for him to choose from. Amazingly enough, the first choice was so absolutely perfect it was like it was made just for him! He was an outdoor camp councillor last summer, as he had been for several summers, when he was quickly and suddenly diagnosed with cancer over a weekend between camps. Unfortunately, he had to leave his job and begin treatment immediately. The quilt he received was in earthy tones and the flannelette on the back had forest animals on it including moose, which is his camp leader name. He was so impressed. We didn't even look at the second choice as we this one was perfect. The volunteer told us it had been made by a gentleman. Thank you so very much for this wonderful gift and this service that you provide for cancer patients."
– Janice Richardson, Calgary AB


"I just received my quilt yesterday and wanted to send a big thank you to the quilters. It is absolutely beautiful and cozy of course. Not to mention the special carrying bag too. Thanks again."
– Harriet Vanderburg, Woodlawn ON

"When I received my quilt it warmed my heart. Not only because it was from a dear friend but because to know that there are total strangers who want to make someone else feel loved in a time when their world is turned upside down. Mine is on my bed always. It was with me at my six chemo treatments, my 25 radiation treatments and five weeks in hospital because of a needle I needed to take. The warmth and comfort I felt it gave me was incredible."
– Linda Hillier

"Thank you again for the beautiful quilt! My husband is in remission now. Thank you, thank you for blessing him."
– Hugh (Blue) Barrett, Rainy River ON

"A volunteer and her husband just stopped by tonight to drop off a quilt that was requested by our neighbor for my husband who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. We were in awe that someone had made this beautiful quilt for him and that these people went out of their way to deliver it, as we live out in the country. Your volunteers' generosity is truly overwhelming and very much appreciated. It's such a beautiful gesture and great idea. We thank you so much."
– Colleen Grouette, Sundre AB

"My husband has been battling leukemia since September 2016 and has been in hospital since that time undergoing chemotherapy. Yesterday, we received this beautiful quilt and were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the individual who requested it, the quilters and Victoria's Quilts Canada. We live in a remote Northwestern Ontario town and the hospital where he is receiving treatment is five hours away. Unfortunately, I cannot be with him all the time, so I know this quilt will provide him much comfort and warmth when he is alone. I will bring him the quilt as soon as I can! In the meantime, I have sent him a photo. Thank you so much and God Bless you all!"
– Lisa Barrett (on behalf of Hugh Barrett), Rainy River ON

"Today. a lovely woman presented a quilt to my brother. He was very surprised and grateful for the gift. Tomorrow, he goes for surgery and this act of kindness has softened the harshness of this cancer ordeal. Thank you to all the volunteers and donors who made this possible."
– Anonymous

"This is incredible! Just ordered one. I am out of work at the moment, but when I get back at it I will definitely be donating to this great initiative."
– Nicole Holland, Dartmouth NS

"I still use one of your quilts and I just asked for one for my sister. I love the work you do."
– Donald G. Fulthorp, Chilliwack BC

Updated: April 8, 2017