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Below are some comments received by Victoria's Quilts Canada from January to April 2016. Where requested, the names of the submitters have been edited to protect their privacy.

Note: All comments are in the language received and are not translated. To view the French comments, please visit the French page.



"I just wanted to thank you so much for sending a quilt to my co-worker and friend... She was so appreciative and touched by your gift during such a frightening time in her life. You are angels doing a wonderful thing helping so many people."
– Cheryl Montgomery, London ON

"What an amazing gift. Just when I felt alone and afraid, this wonderful quilt came. It reminded me that even if my friends are far they are with me in spirit. This will remind me of that everyday. Thank you also to the ladies who so generously donated the time and the heart to make these beautiful gifts."
– Tammy Emond, Water Valley AB

"Thank you so much for my lovely gift. I will cherish this quilt. I appreciate all the hard work that went into this piece of art. It sure brought a smile to my day. The volunteer driver was a very cheery person as well. Thank you to the Woodstock/Oxford Branch and all others who do such great work."
– Debra Peto, London ON

"Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt. My daughter was told about your organization and another daughter ordered it for me. I was so excited when my package arrived. To top off the gorgeous quilt was the encouraging verse that was stitched into the corner. Such a wonderful treat makes going through breast cancer a little more bearable."
– Nancy Pearce, Barrie ON

"Thank you for the lovely quilt I received last night. I am a mother of five boys and this beautiful pink quilt made me feel particularly feminine at a time when I am recovering from surgery ( mastectomy) and have no hair due to chemo. I have curled up with it non stop and whole heartedly thank all the volunteers who worked on it. It is beautiful and fitting and I am blessed. I just ordered a quilt for a chemo friend of mine.. .to pay it forward. Your good work touches people."
– Anonymous

"Just would like to send out a big thank you to whoever took the time out of their day to make this quilt for my boy who has stage 3 astrocyntoma tumor brain cancer. So nice knowing there is such a wonderful group who help patients through treatment. All the care, kindness, thoughtfulness, love and time put into this quilt will be cherished and a big comfort to my son. Thank you again. You definitely are an angel."
– Sheri Loucks, Toronto ON

"Thank you to the kind women who donate their time and talents to make cancer patients feel better."
– Sarah Cloutier, Ottawa ON

"I just wanted to send along a huge thanks to your organization for the work you do with the quilts. I had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and, one week following my surgery, I received a quilt from you. I was so surprised to have received the package in the mail. My husband opened it up as I wasn't able to really move the best at that time. I love quilts. I couldn't believe someone sent me one. I had never heard of your organization, so it was to my surprise to learn about you. One of my church friends had received one from you when she got diagnosed in the fall. She said she would pay it forward. That she did. Once I opened it and saw the beautiful work that went into it, and who it was from, the tears started flowing. I was overwhelmed, overjoyed, thankful grateful and blessed. Many more words I could use. I called and thanked the family as soon as I pulled myself together. I just wanted you to know that it means the world to me that this is being done for us. There are so many people affected by that terrible "C" word. My prognosis is good. I started my chemo, which is preventative, and then I will have radiation and then the pill. I'm in for a very long summer and fall, but with God and faith, family and friends, and my new quilt, I will get through this. Many blessings to all of you."
– Anonymous

"Until today I had never heard of "Victoria's Quilts" so you can imagine my joy and surprise when I received one. An old friend who lives in Calgary submitted my name. What a special gift. I want all the people who must spend hours designing these beautiful pieces of art to know that I will be eternally grateful. The colours of my quilt perfectly match my easy chair. God bless each and everyone involved in this amazing program."
– Lynne Legge, Edson AB

"I received one of your quilts in the mail today. It is beautiful, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your gift of comfort and warmth. Of all the kindnesses that have been extended to me throughout this illness, this is the one that has touched me the most by its beauty, unexpectedness and unconditional generosity. With gratitude and love."
– Anonymous


"Thank you so very much for the wonderful quilt that was delivered days before my bilateral mastectomy surgery! Your statement "A Gift of Love and Warmth" is so true, as you can feel the material warmth and the warmth of love shared each time you snuggle under it. My quilt has one material that is a pebbles/stones pattern, and as soon as I saw it I knew that was a good sign of the stepping stones I will travel to my healing and recovery. It is so amazing that individuals donate their time and talent to create such beautiful pieces for people they do not even know or meet. And to all the others who work in the many other aspects of your organization, they are amazing as well! Thank you!"
– Patricia Waters, Kenilworth ON

"Thank you to all of the volunteers who give their time to help me through my cancer with the beautiful quilt you made and provided me wit . I appreciate it with all my heart for your kindness."
– Diane Archibald, Blackfalds AB

"My mom was in doing her treatment and there was a lady there that received a quilt and she was so happy she was telling everyone about it. I know you ladies put a light in her life. Thanks for all the hard work and love that went into it."
– Sharon Stone, South River NL

"Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt that I received today. The time, energy and love put into the quilt is evident in the lovely work. What a wonderful way to help those of us with cancer feel cared for. Thank you again "
– Gayle Avery, Brampton ON

"My husband was overwhelmed when he received one of your quilts; a friend had contacted the Sundre branch who then sent him one. He uses it constantly when he rests in his easy chair. It is a challenge to get it washed and dried before he is looking for it to cover up in! It is an example of beautiful workmanship and I would like to extend my thanks to your organization, especially the branch in Sundre, AB."
– Anonymous

"I have received a quilt from you and was I very happy to see that. My son had told me that he had submitted my name for a quilt. I did not know what to expect. I sure did not expect to receive such a lovely gift. Rest assure that this quilt will keep me warm this coming winter. My son kind of made me laugh when he told me that he had requested that the quilt you make for me did not have any yellow or pink in it because I was in the military for so long (35 years) where the dominant color is green. He told me that you did have a laugh also. The quilt that you gave me did not have any pink or yellow (lol). I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is so comforting to know that there are people like you out there that care so much. This gift will greatly help me deal with the cancer. Again, thank you so very much."
– Normand Denis, Nepean ON

"I had requested a quilt for my daughter after my cousin told me about Victoria's Quilts Canada. So I did --- it was so easy and never in my wildest dreams did I think that such a treasure of a quilt would arrive for her! It is absolutely beautiful and there are no words to thank you for the time and love that was put into this work of art! You are very special people and what a caring organization."
– Linda Petrie

"Received my quilt today, and I plan on cherishing it for many years! Thank you and God Bless all the people Canada-wide who take part in this wonderful act."
– Bill Daigle, Moncton NB

"Thank you so much for the beautiful, comfortable blanket you so graciously gave my dad. At such a hard time in his life he truly does appreciate what a kind gesture you have made. Thank you more than words can say – the beautiful blanket came from people with beautiful hearts! God Bless."
– Katherine Blahut, Regina SK

"Thank you very much for the beautiful quilt! It is very nice to know that there are people in Canada that care."
– Hans Polstra, Enfield NS

"I mentioned to my husband a few weeks ago that I had requested a quilt for him. He forgot about it and was pleasantly surprised today when his quilt arrived. There were a few tears shed when I arrived home from work. Thanks to the volunteers who generously give their time and skills to make these beautiful quilts. I know my husband will cherish his always."
– Diane Avery, Cornwall ON

"A mystery parcel containing a beautiful handcrafted quilt was delivered to my suite this afternoon. I am a senior gentleman who lives alone and have just starting treatment for an unfortunate cancer reoccurrence. Words can't express how overwhelmed I was by the thoughtfulness and care I felt when I discovered the completely unexpected contents. My heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation for this tender act of kindness organized for me by a wonderful and so special lady friend in Ottawa. My lovely new quilt will happily be used every day. It is warm as toast! I am lucky. Kudos to the talented and creative quilt maker. Feeling the Love."
– David Cahill, Surrey BC

"My sincere thanks for the beautiful quilt that was delivered to my sister in Winchester Ontario. She is beyond the moon at how beautiful it is and all the work that was done. You ladies are awesome and your hard work and beautiful craftsmanship is very much appreciated!"
– Nancy Donahue, Ottawa ON


"Thank you very much to all the volunteers who made my quilt. It's soft and warm and beautifully made. I wasn't expecting anything like this. It is a wonderful gift! Thank you!"
– Robyn Huezo, Mississauga ON

"I have no idea who exactly made the lovely quilt that was delivered to my home in Waterloo, but I am hoping that you will pass this along to the lady (or ladies) responsible for the exquisite work of art I received. This generous and thoughtful gift couldn't have arrived at a better time. I was halfway through my chemotherapy treatments (which are now followed by weeks of radiation) and I was hating how I looked, hating how breast cancer seemed to be ruling my life. Then I received a colourful, cheerful gift from total strangers. What a wonderful surprise and a perfect pick-me-up! Last month I requested a quilt for a girlfriend who is having a particularly difficult time physically and emotionally during her chemotherapy. When I saw her in the cancer centre last week, she was snuggled up in her Victoria's Quilt. I can only hope that all the friends and volunteers at Victoria's Quilts Canada know how much their creativity, their time and effort, and their generosity is appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
– Anonymous

Kerry Charlebois"We often tend to focus on finding the cure for tomorrow. Sometimes it's the little thoughtful things we are given that help us the most to get us through today. Knowing that the quilt I got today was made by the hands of people who genuinely care enough to dedicate their time and hard work for cancer patients brings me not only COMFORT, but also an overwhelming feeling of LOVE and SUPPORT. Thank you to everyone from Victoria Quilts Canada for your kindness and dedication. May God shine His love on all of you!"
– Ghie Estepa, Calgary AB

"Thank you ever so much for your beautiful work and helping everyone in need. I have sent two beautiful quilts to two cancer patients, one being my sister-in-law and the other my cousin. Thanks again. I have sent you a cheque for your hard work. Thanks."
– Anonymous

"Here is a heart felt thank you to the volunteers at Victoria's Quilts Canada. I received my quilt a few days ago and already it has given me comfort and cheer. What a wonderful way to spread love."
– Sue Anand, Calgary AB

"I received a quilt from a dear caring lady made by these wonderful ladies. What a wonderful gift which brought me warmth and a tear to my eye. Ladies, you are the greatest. Thank you very much."
– Linda Maltais, White Lake ON

"A friend of mine ordered a quilt for me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in December. It has been a huge comfort to me when I'm going through the chills and pain after a chemo treatment. I read the little scripture on the corner and it gives me strength. Thank you for this wonderful service!"
– Susan Zinyk, Sherwood Park AB

Joanne Mizon's quilt"I received my quilt today.
Love the colours. Thank you very much for the ladies' hard work in making these."
– Joanne Mizon, St Thomas ON

"My friend received her quilt a day ago. She was pleased to tears and is thanking me, so I want to pass on my gratitude to your group. I am a quilter but lost my husband to cancer three weeks ago so there was no way I could come up with a quilt for my very dear friend and you did it for me. Sincerely thank you. What you are doing is so very special."
– Anonymous

"Thank you for the wonderful service you and your many volunteers are providing to cancer patients and their loved ones. A cancer diagnosis is scary but to be able to provide warmth and comfort is one small gift to ease the pain. I requested the quilt two days ago. My friend received their quilt today. Although I did not request this gift on an urgent basis, we found out today that chemotherapy will begin next week. The timing was perfect. Thank you for all you do!"
– Marla Corbett, Guelph ON

"I received my quilt in the mail today and I would just like to send along a huge thank you! It is beautiful and I could feel the love with which it was made as soon as I set it against my face. Again, a huge thank you to you ladies for all your work and determination!"
– Amy Grant, Grande Prairie AB

"I just received my quilt and I am speechless. It is beautiful. I shall enjoy many days wrapped up in it while reading my favourite book. Many thanks to all who give their time and talent to do this."
– Sheila Smith, Windsor ON

"Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt I received today. I have breast cancer and have my third chemo tomorrow. The days leading up to chemo are always stressful and emotional; what a comfort to receive this beautiful gift today. A handmade quilt is something I have wanted my entire life; what a blessing for it to come at this time. Thanks also to Sister Debbie for requesting it for me. Many thanks."
– Cindy Tynes, Dartmouth NS

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"I wish to thank your group for the lovely quilt I just received. Please let your volunteers know that it is a very unique gift and something that will be treasured for years to come."
– Penny Ingham, Lindsay ON

"I finished treatment for my Hodgkin's Lymphoma a week ago and now that I'm cancer-free and on the other side of treatment, I want to let you know how much getting my quilt meant to me during that difficult process. The thought that complete strangers took the time to create something beautiful, useful and enduring for me was such a comfort. My quilt bag became my chemo bag for my water, snacks and quilt and every time I would pull it out, I would feel the joy and wonder that someone had made it with such love and care. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the precious gift I received from your organization. My brother-in-law received a much more masculine quilt a week after I received mine and his made the trip to Ottawa with him as he went through his own treatment. He was as moved as I was by his gift. The work you all do is so amazing and it really does bring so much comfort to those of us who are blessed to receive your work! Thank you so much."
– Mary Ann Christie, Cambridge ON

"Got my quilt today. Just in time, chemo starts Friday 25 March. Thanks to all the lovely people who helped make this lovely warm quilt. Appreciate all the love and kindness. Means a lot to my family and I during this difficult time. Thanks."
– Nadia Jung, Calgary AB

"How wonderful it was to return from a chemo treatment and have this parcel waiting for me. It was just beautiful, colourful, cheery and so cozy. I just felt so loved. Thank you so much. I have volunteered for VQC a number of times and that was a wonderful day. Such good feelings, not knowing at that time that I would myself receive one of these quilts. Thanks for making the journey through a bit easier. Knowing my friends were thinking of me made a tremendous difference, and I now know how important and wonderful that is."
– Linda Holmes, Spencerville ON

"I requested two quilts recently for a friend and a family member. The one for the family member is extra special, as one of my best friends worked on it and gave it that special TLC. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
– Diane Pearce, Gatineau ON

"I am sending this note as a very grateful thank you for the quilt that was provided to me by Victoria's Quilts in early 2012 while I was fighting cancer. I lived in Lake Chaparral district on the south side of Calgary at the time. Dealing with a terminal cancer diagnosis (12-18 months to live), and its treatments, left me feeling bewildered and lost. The love shown by so many I didn't even know gave me a lot of strength to fight. I am proud to say that my cancer has been in remission for four years now, and I have been clear of tumors in that time. Next year will be the end of my treatment and maintenance, and I will be deemed cancer free at that time. Many thanks for the support I received from your group and the selfless ladies that sewed my quilt."
– Derek Drever, St. Albert AB

"Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of the quilters. I requested a quilt for a friend and she honestly had it four days later. She was so glad that someone thought about her struggles and would make the effort to keep her cozy in her time of need. Personally I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. What a mission in life to help cancer patients to feel good for healing and knowing that people really do care."
– Donna Bengston AB

"Thank you so much for the lovely quilt made by loving hands that has been delivered to me. It's beautiful and it's comforting, when I go for a nap, to think there are so many beautiful and giving people on this earth to raise the spirits of those who are sick. I truly was surprised and thankful to receive this and it has put a smile on my face."
– Kimberley Landreau, Renfrew ON

"The work that you do has completely "touched" my heart and I cannot express my appreciation for your doing all this volunteer work for people that unfortunately have cancer. It has moved me beyond feelings I can express to you. I have had family members that have passed from cancer of various kinds and still some now that are striving for the "hope" for a cure. I have only recently heard of these quilts, as two years ago my mother was taken by lung cancer, and I didn't find out that she had received a quilt from her sister! Since then, I myself have requested that a quilt be sent to two friends. I cannot thank you enough for these gifts. God bless all the work you do for others."
– Anonymous

"What a wonderful surprise to receive a beautiful quilt! I had no idea Victoria's Quilts even existed. It came as a completely unexpected gift. Thank you to the friend who forwarded my name, and especially thanks to the person who made it. Thank you for caring so much."
– Diana Bright, Penticton BC

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"I recently had surgery to remove a tumor. I was delighted when a very loving and giving couple from my town called and asked if they could drop by with one of your quilts. I was totally surprised, as I had no idea that this service existed. I cannot tell you how much this quilt means to me. The fact that people care makes it so much more comfy. Thank you to all the kind-hearted people that give so much of themselves to make other's lives better."
– Merridell Richardson, High River AB

"I'm a woman recently diagnosed with breast cancer. A dear childhood friend ordered a quilt for me. What a kind gift. I would sincerely like to thank Victoria's Quilts and the individual quilters who are providing such a bright spot in the lives of people who need as much light as possible. I feel blessed and cared for."
– Susan Melendy Stark, Mount Pearl NL

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BEAUTIFUL QUILT! I am recuperating from mastectomy surgery on February 8. I was lying down when they came to deliver. I wish they would have come in so I could thank you in person. You honestly made my day. Yesterday was a horrible day and when I received the phone call last night, I was super excited. It was delivered today and I'm over the moon happy! You ladies are angels!"
– Carmela Magliocco, Ottawa ON

"You gave my Gramma a quilt during her treatment. She passed away in 2011. My Grampa passed this past year from cancer as well. I inherited her quilt from you. I am living with a chronic illness and your quilt has travelled all the way to where I live in Texas. I want you to know it gives me fond memories of her. She loved the quilt and used it all the time. I use it all the time and it gives me great comfort. Bless you for this gift you gave our family."
– Anonymous

"I recently received the most beautiful quilt from Victoria's Quilts Canada. I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers who give their time organizing, making and delivering the quilt. It simply is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received. It gives me comfort and support in a very special way. It will always be a treasured gift. The gift of the bag to carry it with me was a very nice idea as well. You think of everything. You really don't know how much people care until something like this comes your way. I am truly grateful. I am paying it forward to another brave lady who is in a desperate fight with cancer. I hope it will bring her the same peace and contentment it has brought me."
– Laura Minard, Ottawa ON

"I would like to take this moment to thank all of the wonderful volunteers who made my lovely quilt. It is beautiful. Receiving my quilt from the Sundre Branch was awesome and made my day. I very much appreciate the hard work and dedication you have put in to make this such a wonderful organization to comfort those of us dealing with cancer."
– Wendy Inkster, Saskatoon SK

Kerry Charlebois"I was very pleasantly surprised and grateful when
I received my quilt. What a wonderful concept. This really personalizes the visits to the chemotherapy sessions. Enough cannot be said regarding the time and effort put into these gifts of love."
– Kerry Charlebois, Orleans ON

"Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt! My mom told me about this program that someone told her about. Gotta love word of mouth! Anyway, I ordered it for my mother-in-law and she absolutely loves it! She was so thankful! It is very beautiful and the quality is outstanding! It really brightened her day to receive this and she loved the cloth bag that came with it. She said she will be able to get her books in it also! What a great program this is! Thank you ever so much!!!"
– Sherri Clements, Milfird ON

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"A friend requested a quilt for me last year. It was very much appreciated and I must say, well used!! Thank you for all you do."
– Suzie Hinson, Hawkesbury ON

"Thank you all for this beautiful quilt. You have made this day. Still have three more treatments to go. Thank you again."
– Jacques Larabie, Bourget ON

"Received my beautiful quilt in the mail today. Thank you very much and a special thank you to our Broadview Quilting Group for submiting my name."
– Bev Galbraith, Broadview SK

"My great-grandson was in IWK hospital for months with cancer. A friend sent for one of your beautiful quilts for him. He loved his quilt. He is clear now. He has to go back for checkups every couple of months. Thanks again for the beautiful gift."
– Joyce Barkhouse, Port Williams NS

"My husband has Multiple Meyaloma and received one of your quilts requested by a family member. It was an amazing gesture and used to keep him warm during treatment. This was back in 2004. This is the most caring and thoughtful thing anyone can do for a cancer patient. I thank everyone involved from the bottom of my heart!"
– Cathy Ugulini, Thorold ON

"I would like to thank your volunteers for making a beautiful quilt for my dear friend as she goes through cancer . My friend is having a double mastectomy this Friday. Your quilt arrived today and put a smile on her face. Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness."
– Marlies Perry, Brooklin ON

"The quilt I have received from Victoria Quilters Canada in Arundel, Quebec is greatly appreciated. I do use it daily and thank you dear ladies who took the time to create such a wonderful gift that gives solace."
– Ilania Abileah, Morin Heights QC

Nancy Smith with quilt and totebag"Today at the post office my quilt was waiting for me. It is much bigger and so very pretty than I even expected. I was extra surprised to find the tote bag that was also gifted. What a joy it was to receive. I have included a photo my daughter took of me with my beautiful quilt. I know it will be a source of comfort as it already means so much to me. Thank you!"
– Nancy Smith, Windsor ON

"Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt I received. It brought me much happiness and I am going to memorize Joshua 1:9 and claim it for myself. God bless you all."
– Anonymous

"Thank you in the past for my Mother's quilt from the Russell Branch, as well as quilts for friends who have had cancer. I use the quilt in the spring, summer, and fall. She passed away in 2014, from her lung giving out and her cancer."
– Laurie Heymans, Russell ON

"I am currently taking treatments at the High River, Alberta Cancer Center. I was very pleasantly surprised when the staff provided me with a gift of a quilt from your organization. The quilt is beautiful and I wanted to thank you so much for this gift. This program means so much and the fact that you do this for people is very refreshing and heart felt. Please pass along my appreciation to those that are involved in this program."
– Doug Munn, High River AB

"What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Received a beautiful quilt plus a carry bag today. Will carry it with me to my next treatment. God bless all your volunteers!"
– Ross Sheppard, Codrington ON

"Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt I received yesterday. It's very much appreciated and thank you to all the volunteers who lovingly made it. What a wonderful way to provide warmth and comfort to people dealing with cancer."
– Laureen Dagneault, Victoria BC

"I received my beautiful quilt in 2006. A friend of my daughter requested it for me. It came as a complete surprise as I had never heard of the organization. It washes so well, looks new, and has given me so much strength and comfort. I am a 10-year survivor in London, Ontario. Thank you so much. It is well appreciated."
– Janet Neatby, London ON

"Please convey my gratitude to the members of Victoria's Quilts Canada. I requested a quilt for my sister-in-law and I was amazed that it came so quickly. She absolutely loves it. She has been having a tough fight over the last year and her quilt came on the same day that she received some good news. The quilt is beautiful and the yellow sunflowers on it remind her of summer, which seems a long way away right now. The kindness of your members has made a real difference for my sister-in-law. Thank you so much!"
– Lisa Paquette

"I am writing this message on behalf of my mother-in-law, Anne, who has received a quilt from Victoria’s Quilts Canada. Anne wanted to express to you the sincere gratitude for the beautiful quilt that she received. My husband and I were able to hold up the quilt for her to have a good look at it before we placed it on her bed, and she is just so thankful and grateful to have received it. The quilt is absolutely stunning and she just loves it. The bright, cheerful colours of the quilt are a testament to Anne’s inspiration to all of us with her positive, inspiring and giving attitude toward life, and death. Thank-you for your lovely gesture and kind gift. God Bless."
– Charlene Billard

Quilt covering a table at Richard's  funeral"Today was the funeral for Richard, one of two men in our church who received a quilt from Victoria’s Quilts Canada. Richard’s wife said that he took the quilt with him for his chemo treatments in Toronto. The photograph provided shows the quilt covering a table at his funeral. The service was wonderful, with many people paying tribute to a great and special guy. Thanks for telling me about Victoria’s Quilts Canada, as I know that Murray and Richard appreciated using the quilts they received while having their treatments. Incidentally, Murray is still enjoying life – he had an operation last Tuesday to have one of his heart valves replaced, and he was at Richard’s funeral today!!!"
– Ann Price, Alliston ON

"Amazingly beautiful quilt. Thanks for the lovely quilt I received just before Christmas. I appreciate the beautiful gift. I would like to thank each and every one of the volunteers who put their heart and soul into making the beautiful quilts. I will cherish it forever. Thanks!"
– Anonymous

Eva Rigler with her VQC quilt"I want to thank you so much for my quilt. I have it with me all the time. It is soft, beautifully made, and I love the colours. What an amazing thing to do. I feel very spoiled. Thank you, Cristina, for thinking of me. Thank you also to the volunteers. It is a kind and generous work you do."
– Eva Rigler, Bolton ON

"Thank you for the lovely quilt I received this week. Organizations like your are wonderful for lifting people's spirits and showing the kindness in the world!"
– Mary McLeod

"I would like to say a huge thank you to the ladies who made the quilt that I received today. It is absolutely stunning! It came on a perfect day too, as my prognosis changed and went from two months left to live to 1-2 years! More time for me to enjoy my gorgeous quilt! Thanks again!"
– Sandie Findlay, Oshawa ON

"I was so happy to find an organization that remembers people suffering this horrible disease.
I lost my Mother to cancer 8 years ago and 2 of her sisters are now suffering from breast cancer.
I requested quilts for each of them in my Mom's name. Thank you to the organization, volunteers and those offering donations. You are doing a good thing!"
– Cille Hollingshead, Sault Ste Marie ON

To whom it may concern:

Recently, I visited a member of my Congregation who was suffering with cancer. She showed me a quilt that she had just received from your organization – someone had chosen to offer her name to you as one who might appreciate and need it now. You sent it to her without question or reimbursement of any kind. And she was deeply touched!

Another lady I know is in the throws of this terrible disease and she too needs to feel the comfort and warmth and love that these quilts offer. I called your office earlier today and a quilt is being sent to her – again without any demands.

I hope you understand the power of what you are doing and just how much these quilts mean and do for the receiver of this gift. The folks who make them are the true angels on earth, and in that light, I am sending a donation to help them continue their very generous work.

Blessings for a blessed and holy Christmas Season and a Happy New Year.

Letter from Rev. Joan Conrad, serving the United Church of Canada and living in the small community of Bareneed, NL (near Bay Roberts)

"So very thankful and appreciative for the beautiful quilt I received today. It is amazing. It is so warm and comfortable. I am happy to have it with me as I work my way back to good health. All the best to your amazing volunteers. "
– Leigh Kirschner, Hamilton ON

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the beautiful quilt that was delivered to me on New Year's Eve 2015 by Ruth W. I have been dealing with breast cancer since 2003 and although I have been stage 4 since 2013, I continue to live with hope and strength. I will cherish this quilt because I know it was made with love by a group of fabulous volunteers. Thank you to all."
– Jan Collins, Calgary AB

"Thank you so much for all you do!"
– Elizabeth Turner, Oakville ON

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December 2015

"Please accept my most sincere thanks for the lovely red and green quilt that you made for my husband. The hours of work by such compassionate volunteers that goes into each and every quilt will be appreciated for years to come. My husband was thrilled to get his quilt."
– Sara Ellis

"Dear amazing folks at Victoria Quilts Canada. I have received one of your quality quilts just recently and am most appreciative of your hard work and generosity. You were contacted by my friends and neighbours Cathy and Howard. I am presently in the Kingston General Hospital being treated for leukemia. I have been here since late October. I am in good spirits, but your quilt really gave me a boost. Aside from its quality and design, it is most practical: comforting and warm. My prognosis is mostly good, although time will tell. I have another reason to thank you. My 33-year-old daughter, Rain, is a recent recipient of your wonderful quilts. She has cancer as well but is in much more serious condition than I. She has two young children who will possibly lose her sometime next year. I am truly amazed at how many quilts you have provided over the years. I am sure they were as gratefully received as ours were. Again, many thanks and bless you all."
– Peter Sandford

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